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The last water occurrence was a BIG ONE. We are excited to be back on the water :))).  If your fishing using a  boat there will undoubtedly be some new ‘ISSUES’,  So be careful as big water occurences can change rivers dramatically.

Excited to fish the Ultra Spey and Salar Finder this next week.  These multi density lines can and will get the fly down better in the  typical 3-5 foot deep glides. They will also SLOW the fly down which can be very helpful.  These lines are best suited to fish the traditional ‘swing glides’

These lines however, are not the best in the ‘slotty fast’ waters where the Skagit head with a heavier tip and heavier bug would be more appropriate, like you might find on the OP’s  Duc or Clearwater.

So the moral of the story is….’One cannot have enough lines’  for the two hander,