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Unfortunately, most of the rivers are going to go out with this deluge.  It appears to be short lived. Perfect for next week!
This past week was fabulous…
Both the nymph and the swing have produced well recently.  Swing fishing lately has been worthy. Used some cool lines recently; The Ultra Spey and the Nextcast Solar.  Both of these lines offer an intermediate density sinking portion integrated into the body prior to the separate addition of the final sink tip.  The outcome is a line that has a longer portion that sinks and at different rates.  Ultimately these designs allow you to get deeper if needed and definitely slower.  Two thumbs up!  Flies that have produced include Cottrell’s Bucket Bouncer in red, a medium size Intruder in yellow, pink, orange and Mike’s Snot Rocket.
Some of the nymph days on the South OP have been crazy goood.  In fact, a lot of them.  Side drifting the indicator with various terminal choices including beads, yarn, jigs and the like, have all proved effective.
Photo by Brian Chou