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The water levels have been up and down lately with the clarity less and more respectfully.  While some days have been tough on the swing, some have been incredibly memorable. There have been a few that got away, that we wished didn’t.  Every fish is remarkable but recently we witnessed a LARGE steelhead with remarkable proportions.  The fish was fought well but did not end up landed.  Regardless, the memory and the sight of such a specimen was awesome.

Best swing bugs lately include:
Black and Purple Bucket Bouncer
Black and Pink Medusa
Black and Pink Moal
Orange Searcher

Best Line lately: I Flight with 10 feet of T-11

Best nymph junk lately:
Yarn, Pink Worm and the Bead

Tip of the day – Don’t be afraid to step into your presentation to get it down and slow the swing.

Troy and Kristian