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Good to great. 10-4pm has been very reliable

Predominant bugs include;

#18 BWO  1-6 PM
#16 Tan Caddis  10 AM – 1PM
#20-22 Midges  All day
#8-10 October Caddis 4-6:30 PM

Fall colors on the Yakima – Jeremy photo

Top dry fly recently

Never hesitate to fish the soft hackle swing for the Blue Wings.  Pretty much a lost art.  Swinging for steelhead is done everyday but for some reason swinging for trout is less popular; especially during a hatch.

Tactics include;
Dry flies
Nymphs under indicators
Wet flies on the swing
Streamers retrieved.


Overall pressure has lightened recently.   Both the nymph and the swing have been productive. Clarity is at 3-3.5 feet depending on time and zone.

Joe was 2 for 3 yesterday!  Fly of choice for Joe was a Cerise and Black Super Muddler with 10 feet of T-11.   We have seen fish on dry lines and light tips recently as well.  The challenge with the SKATER is for them to actually stick, when they eat it!  2 days ago we had a fish show on a big waker and it was almost a tidal wave in  the fish’s effort to encounter the bug. Never felt or saw him/her again. CRAZY.

Salmon are close to be in the full on spawn mode and the Coho are starting to trickle in.

Joe with a sweet hen – CJ photo