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The river is in GREAT condition.  Not much for bugs currently but certainly some good swinging.  Stable weather patterns make for better fishing on the UC.  The lake level is low and the flows at the border are average.

A variety of lines and tips to match the depth and flow should be part of the arsenal.   Sculpin’s to Catch All’s have been on the menu.

Should be a great year on the UC


Northwest river forecast shows the Yakima on a downward trend.  Bugs are intermittent and sporadic however being in the right place at the right time can be worthy.   For the March Browns make sure to be in a riffle location at about 1 pm and hangout with a cup of coffee and wait:)

March Browns are Clinger Mayflies that emerge quickly in riffles.  A variety of patterns can be effective.  One of my favorites over the years is shown below.  The pattern is designed as a dry fly but can also be swung as a wet fly if needed.

Click the image to enlarge,

Here is a little story about a March Brown Afternoon

Blue Wing Olives can show up at the same time as the March Brown and also afterwords.  The March Browns will come and go quickly,  The Blue Wing can sputter throughout the afternoon

Currently the predominant bug is the March Brown…
This hatch can be short lived but can also be intense and fun while it lasts.  There are a few Skwala Stoneflies still around

Current Yakima River Flow  prediction  for the next week.