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Currently fishing good depending on the day Look for the days that are 28 at night and 38 during the day…or there about:)

LowerCanyon is blocked out with ice.

Streamers, Stoneflies, Caddis larvae and Midge Pupae

Guides choices include Mini Sex Dungeon, Pats Stone #10 in olive brown, Formerly Known as Prince # 14, Green Caddis Larve # 14, Hot head Larve #18-20, San Juan Worms #12



Some thoughts on winter steelhead….

Winter steelhead fishing requires

1- Arduous patience
2-Systematic approach of likely water based on water conditions
Heads and tails in high water
Guts of the run in low and clear

3-Proper lines choice for the run based on depth and flow

I like 4 rods rigged-
7.5 feet of T-14 on a Standard Skagit
10 feet of T-8 on a Rage
10 feet of T-11 to 14 on a Gamechanger or FIST
15 feet 0f T-11 on a Standard Skagit

4-Reasonable fly rendition based on clarity / weighted vs unweighted

5-Sharp hooks

6-Positive thoughts:)))