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PGF lately…. some days better than others.  The river is fishing  from top to bottom.  Recently we have had boats in almost all stretches.  Dry flies, nymphs and streamers depending on the day.  Sometimes a combination of all in the day has been the ticket

Bugs dejour….

#6-10 Chubbies, Gypsy Kinks, Dave’s hoppers
#4-8 Sculpzillas, Sparkle Minnows, JJ Buggers
#6-8 Summer stone nymphs
#14-16 YB Soft Hackles, PT Jig heads, PMD Jigheads
#10-14 Beetles and Ants



The heat cycle is good early down low and OK late, up high.  There are some fish around.  ‘Flashy’ on the swing has been worthy.

Clarity at Town pool at 10 AM is about 2 feet
Clarity at Town pool at 2 pm is about 1 foot.