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Current Food
#10-12 Craneflies
#8-10 October Cddis
#16 Yello Mayflies
# 16 Tan Caddis
#18-20 Fall Baetis

Hot Patterns
#14-18 Perigon in Brown, Lavender, Purple,
#8-12 Orange Gypsy King,
#8-12 Chubby’s in orange, tan, purple
#12 Orange and black Pat’s
#14-18 Lightning Bugs,  CDC Princes
#10-12 Adult Craneflies

The entire river is fishing AVG to GREAT depending on the day. The terrestrial game is definitely slowing.  One of the best techniques as of lately is a Dry/Dropper.  Fairly long on the dropper .  Targeting the grade A water…. Drop offs, Inside corners and some banks.  Water flow is at Fall level. This means that targeting the bank all day is not a good idea.  Much of the grade A water is not focused on the bank.



The Klick has seen some fluctuations this fall. Clarity has been very tempermental. There are fish in the system but the steelhead numbers are certainly lower then past years stats.  We should start to see Coho showing up soon; which will be a great bonus.



Swing, dry and nymph tactics have all been successful with some beauties to be caught….. certainly not a numbers game.  Fall is in the air. Lots of great places to be at this time of year.  This is certainly one of them.

Current food ..
Baetis #18-20
Yello Mayflies #16
October Caddis #10



Great late Fall season with some beauties hooked, lost and landed.  Weather was unseasonable cold which pushed some of the fish back into the lake but we managed to angle with overall consistency.   Great groups and lots of fun.  Scheduling for 2022 now.