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As of 2 PM today clarity was as follows;

Lower Canyon – 6 inches of vis
Farmlands – 1 foot of vis
Upper Flatlands (Above Cle Elum) – 1.5 feet of vis

We expect the clarity to change for the better, rather quickly over the next 48 hours.  Prior to the rise in river flows and loss of clarity the fishing was fantastic.  Like a broken record for 25 years;  Nymphing a single stonefly or a stonefly and dropper have both been very effective.  Droppers include, San Juan worms etc etc etc.

People don’t realize the simplicity of this time of year…. Food sources are limited for the trout, so there is not a lot of guessing as to what the ‘FARE’ is.  The water is generally low and well defined.  These aforementioned statistics equate to statistically good fishing.

The streamer game can be a lot of work but can pay off in big dividends. Below are a few sparkle minnow patterns that have proved effective! We have plenty of them in the shop!

Sparkle Minnows
Recent fish for Langer