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Recently there has been quite a bit of ice flow in the river……As usual, when there is ice flow,  the lower mile or two above Roza Dam will become one big ‘ice extravaganza’.  Above that, there is visual flow in the river with ice shelfing currently.

Believe it or not, there are still fish to be had currently…A little rough on keeping the ice out of the guides and the body warm.   It appears the weather over the next week will be favorable for less ‘ice flow’ in the river.  Instead of 0 degree lows and 20 degree highs, we will see 20-25 degree lows and 32-35 degree highs.

Anytime there is a ‘warming’ in the winter, the fish will  ‘bite better’,  Now I know the warming I just described in the aforementioned paragraph isn’t much,  but it definitely makes a difference.  Over the years, our favorite winter air temperatures would be 28-30 in the AM and 38-42 in the afternoon. this temperature range usually coincides with weather patterns of clouds and potential precipitation. Oppositely,  clear blue sky days parrallel with COLD weather.

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