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The river is in great shape and we are good to go for the remainder of the year. We will see some fluctuations on flow based on demand variation but overall we have stabilized for the 2022 season. Caddis, PMD’s, Golden stones, Drakes and Salmon smolt Would be the main fare.

Water clarity
Upper Proper 5 feet
Upper Flatlands 6 feet
Upper Canyon 5 feet
Farmlands 5-3 feet
Lower Canyon 2.5 feet

Verbatim report from a guide
for 6/28   Fishing was pretty darn good yesterday in the lower canyon. Lots of action nymphing. Not many big fish landed but lots of strikes. Pats Stones, Yellow Sallie and PMD nymphs were the ticket.

….and 6/29Fished the upper canyon with my daughter today and the dry fly and dry dropper fishing was very good. A ton of 9-13 inchers with a few kicker 15-18’s. Some tank refusers. Lots of pressure I’m guessing.  Prevalent bugs Sallies, PMDS, beetles and a size 10-12 yellowish brown stone.


Dang good fishing down low on the Yakima for Bass.  Predominant tactic has been retreiving streamers utilizing sink tips.  The topwater activity should be good over the next week.

UPPER COLUMBIA-BLACK BEAR LODGE…. Catching has been average to good depending on the day. Water clarity is about 6 feet of visibility. Bugs include Caddis and PMDs. Honestly hatches have been pretty light so far-1st gear….. but they are about to kick into 2nd and 3rd gear this week.   Mostly nymphing with some soft hackle and some dry fly action starting.

KLICKITAT-THE STEELHEAD RANCH River is in great shape… And there are Steelhead in the river. So far over Bonneville the fish counts are matching an average for the 10 year number! The fish trap on the Klickitat is showing a consistent number of fish coming up! Happy to see this – should be a good season!