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Clarity Chart

The clarity on the Yakima is ‘not so good’ below the Teanaway   – See  chart above.   As per usual at this time of year we are going to see some good to great fishing between now and stabilization;  we are also going to see some tough fishing.

Above the Teanaway is the place to be currently:))

Stonefly nymphs, Worms, Sparkle Minnows, Catch All’s,



The lake is filling currently as the Kootenays, Selkirks etc… have ample snow.

When fishing the Upper Columbia you are actually fishing water from the Blackfoot and Bitteroot,  as they both flow into the Clarkfork, which then flows into the Pend Orielle, which flows into the Upper Columbia! Regardless, flows are managed and the Upper Columbia is one of those rivers that hardly ever blows out.  There will be some days that will be tough, but generally the fishing can be good, even great through run off.

Current bugs dejour
March Browns




River looks great.  Floated from Stinson to Icehouse the other day to enjoy the day and observe any major changes in the river.  There are few changes and one complete blockage about 3/4 of a mile below Stinson.

The river was flowing at 2300 cfs that day and I was able to push around the tip of the tree pictured below…

The projected forecast for Columbia river summer steelhead is better than last year……
->2018 – 190,350 upriver summer steelhead predicted
->There were 116,841 in 2017