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YAKIMA’s fishing has slowed a bit, due to the  hot weather.  Mornings and evenings, have been the best time to be on the water as a general rule. Current insects include… Yellow Sallies, Caddis, Hoppers


UPPER COLUMBIA window of opportunity  has narrowed.   Insects include… Caddis, Baetis  and the latent memory of the Black Quill.

Wildlife sightings – Moose, Black Bear, Whitetail deer, mule deer, Turkey, Bud Light,


KLICKITAT clarity has been poor overall which is not untypical.  However this past week has been pretty good clarity.  The Two Hander Day is coming up just around the corner – Aug 12.   We will be on the water daily just around the corner as well:)

Evening Light
Waterside Buck
Writer’s Impromptu Guild
BIG trout