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PDG  (Pretty Dang Good)  in specific zones.

Bugs of the day

October Caddis # 10
Crane flies #10
Baetis here and there #18
Tan #16 Caddis

The Lower Canyon has some isolated dry fly fishing but the nymphing continues to be the mainstay.

The Farmlands have supported action on the dry fly, nymph and streamer.

The Upper Canyon is a mystery to us as we have not been in this part of the river much lately.

The Upper Flatlands has been similar to the Farmlands in approach —   Mix in a few spawning Salmon for food source as well.  There are significantly fewer numbers of Salmon this year and therefore the egg game will be less productive but most likely worthy in a few ones.

The Upper Proper  – Certainly worthy with similar approach as the Farmlands and Flatlands.


Sporadic but worthy….  Great river conditions.  Water clarity is 4-5 feet.  Water temps have dropped recently.  Will post the actual temp here shortly.

For Swinging our approach has been deep or on the surface.

Some days have been TOUGH with the swung fly and the nymph.

More to follow.



Every day is different at 90K CFS but overall the river has fished good  this fall.  Predominant and standard trout tactics apply here  Dry Flies, Nymphs and Streamers