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Two words come to mind with the 8130 Sage X  –   Lifting Power  – remarkable lifting power.

As with any rod series, There are always a couple gems in the line up.  I cant tell you which of the Sage X’s meet that designation, as I have not cast them all.   What I can tell you is that the 8130 Two hander has remarkable power and soul all in one.
One thing I noticed was the lifting power.  Meaning, when lifting dual density lines with heavy tips and flies, the 8130 does it effortlessly with no shutter/shake, hesitation or loss of power;  almost as if it is ExCaliber.
Often times a power rod has no soul.  This is not the case with the X.  Light but not too light, with touch but not oversensitive, the 8130 feels good in hand and when casting.
My goto on the Olympic Peninsula.