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Great fishing…. See last reports for specifics.  Not much dry fly action yet but should happen any day soon.  Weather looks favorable.  It  appears that the warmer weather forecasted wont blow the river out as the highs will be mid 50s with night time lows near 30. — We would call that perfect.
Some days better than others and some rivers better than others based on conditions.  The Queets river has seen close to all time lows for this time of year. Clear waters require some tactic / strategy modifications.  Sometimes downsizing, not so bright etc….But then again,  big and bright can still get them when everything is low and clear. Be ready for it all and fish the water.
Best two hander line  for us on the Hoh and Queets lately….  Rio Game Changer and T-8 sink tip
Standard Skagit and 10 feet of T-14
Best Flies –
Trey Combs SteelFlash
Trey Combs Steelhead Bunny
Queets Leech
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