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The river is in great shape.  The fishing with the indicator/ bobber  has been good.  The fishing has been good Nymphs of choice -Yarn, Jigs, GloBugs.
We have been busy on the Upper Columbia and Yakima recently and have not spent much time on the Klick yet, but we will!   Regardless,  Swung a couple runs yesterday with a 10′ 3 IPS sinking leader and a
*Skyomish Sunrise.   No real tugs.  

*For years I observed an elderly gentleman, who walked with a cane,  fish a particular run often.  His trusted friend, a blonde Lab was always by his side.  The only fly he ever fished was a Skykomish Sunrise.  He was a matter of fact ‘Kinda Guy’, but figured if he had that much confidence in that pattern, so should I!

The Klickitat Drake and PMD hatch was pretty awesome – Lots of smolts eating good!