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Little rough on the Upper Columbia  lately – Not sure what is going on.  Still have the same bugs from the last report; They just don’t seem to be eating frequently for us.  

Upper Columbia

On the other hand,  The Yakima has been goood fishing.  Water is lower than normal so don’t get caught just fishing banks.  There are good numbers of fish on mid river drops etc….

PMD’s have been the predominant fare as of recently…As well as some Caddis.  Our Golden Stone’s have been over for a little while now but it’s cousin, the Summer Stonefly nymph is pretty active and the trout have been keying on them recently.  Our first Adult Summer Stones should appear around 3 weeks from now….The nymph is ‘game on’ now.

Adult Yakima River Summer Stone
 The brown and the tan Pat’s  shown on the left bar are a good choice. 
Although there are other patterns that are effective.