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As long as we have clarity on the river…We have seen some GOOD TO GREAT fishing.  This past Saturday the river was beautiful Steelhead Green.  Yesterday the river was grey with a hint of green.   We are supposed to see lots of heat today and then it is going to cool down come Wednesday.  The weather calls for some thundershowers in addition.  We have seen the river cycle hard over the last few days.

Both the swung fly and nymph have produced.  Saturday we held  the Second Annual Two Hander Day at Leidl Campground (More photos coming soon) – Afterwords we watched Catch Magazine under the stars…thanks to Todd Moen!

Yesterdays highlight was a 7 pound wild hen that thought she was 15 pounds by the way she fought….ballistic.

Fly – She ate an orange and pink Hoh Bo Spey
Rod – 13′ 7″ Guideline Lecie
Line – Fall Favorite
Tip – 10 feet of medium
Angler – Ben Dow