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The river flows are dropping and the fishing continues to be good and is actually heating up! It is Flip Flop season on the Yakima.   Flip flop is where the Yakima River Reservoirs are ‘turned down’ in volume and at the same time, the Tieton river is ‘turned’ up by releasing more water into it from Rimrock reservoir.

The fish are finding new holding water and moving around a bit, and we are seeing some bigger players in the last couple days taking smaller dy flies.  Fish are holding on banks with deeper water and along drop offs in about ‘one foot per second” paced current.  Size #16 Blue Wing Olive mayflies have been popping and the little tan Caddis #16 has been cranking up, which is what has been working for us in the evening hours!  Sub surface fishing can be very productive as well when the dry fly action slows down.  Late summer is here with cooler days, cooler water temps and lower flows – which all adds up to some GREAT fishing days.

Hatches currently – #18-22 Beatis, # 16 Tan Caddis, # 10 Crane Flies, #14-16 Yellow May’s, #6-12 Hoppers,  #14-18 Ants and Beetles

The top photo is a Caddis pattern that has been successful for us recently…. A take off on the EC Caddis. Some insight  from the guides report re: ‘The bent hook’   –  ‘Everyday is a learning experience on the water. Yesterday’s lesson is called – DON’T COMPROMISE –  I did and tied with some antique hooks that my dad gave me and lost an exceptional trout – 20 plus inches!

The bottom photo is an image of the Bugs of the Week
Top Row  –  #10 Crane fly, #10 Bugmeister, # 8-10 Peach Stream Bank Hopper
Bottom Row – #12 Adams Split Wing, #14-18 Para Adams, #14 Ant

The middle photo is partly why we do what we do – Enjoy the places that we fish!