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Crazy busy for us and sorry for the delay on reports; Here we go…..

Upper Columbia has turned on to some good to great fishing.  A myriad of techniques of the usual fare have proven worthy on duping the trout. Dry flies, droppers, nymphing, swinging and stripping have been worthy tactics. Beautiful weather recently, ample wildlife and some nice trout have made for some awesome days…

Best Streamer – #6  Dali LLama
Best Dry Fly –  #12 Para Adams
Best Nymph – #10 Catch All

Mr Puthoff with a UC Bow

The Klickitat, while as busy as I have ever seen it, is still producing; some days hotter then others. The nymphing has been sporadic but good and the swing fishing has definitely been worthy.  The water is low and over the last three days, ‘Steelhead Green’, in color.  Based on the weather, it will most likely get clearer.

Swing tactics have included dry lines and medium to light tips.  Nymph tactics have included Stones and egg patterns.

Rick Matsen, ‘Getting It Done’

Fall Water – Joe Donsky

The Yakima has been ‘Lights Out Good’ with little pressure.  There are so many things to do in the Fall !  Regardless,  the best of the food sources are listed below in other recent Yakima reports….
See below for more in depth on the Yakima!