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It is hard to keep up at this time of year…

YAKIMA RIVER – Fishing great.  Lots of Blue Wings which is great to see.  Other bugs include
1-Blue Wings #18
2-Mohagany Duns #16
3-Craneflies #10
4-October Caddis #10-12
5-Fall Cahills #16
The best searcher pattern lately for the Blue Wing and Mohagany Duns is the  #16 Parachute Adams. Remarkable, isn’t it – a generic pattern that is tried and true.  Other wise the best of the Fall bugs continues to make for some great fishing.

Yakima riverside.

KLICKITAT RIVER – Sporadic is the word.   Some days are spot on for the Steelies, and some days not.  Hard to predict.  Lot’s of Chinook in the river that are being targeted as well. The river is flowing at 585CFS.  The 40 year average is 740CFS.  We are obviously below average, but not bad. The river has seen incredible pressure lately.
Fall colors are in close to full glory.

The last hour has been magical with the swung fly.  Everything from small muddlers on top to light tips and Little Pocket Picker’s have produced.  Clarity is at 4.5 feet and the water temp has cooled recently with some cold nights.

Rick, Getting it done!

Rick Matsen with a sweet hen from yesterday.
UPPER COLUMBIA RIVER –   Fishing has been goooood.  A myriad of techniques have been used but the dry fly has certainly been worthy.  We are hosting the boys from Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures currently and they are enjoying their stay.  We are getting close to the end of our season up there and looking forward to 2016:))

Upper Columbia Bow from today – Bryan Gregson photo.