Upper Columbia, Yakima & Klickitat report – 9/21/10

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Fishing has been good right through the ‘Flip Flop’  We have low and clear water.  The entire river is fishing.  Some parts of the river are very low and slightly challenging with the drift boat….The easiest solution on those spots is simply to get out and walk the boat through.

Bugs include;
#10 Craneflies
#18 Baetis
#16 Mahogany Duns
#16 Tan Caddis



The river is as low as I have ever seen it at this time of year.  Bugs include, October Caddis, #16 Red Quills,  # 16 Tan Caddis, #16 Fall Cahill

Swing, dry and nymph tactics have all worked:))



Finally the Klickitat is seeing a steady  cycle and fishing is reasonable considering the counts over Bonneville. The entire river has fish in it – Both Steelhead and Chinook.  Last year we saw minimal fish up river at this time.  On the contrary, we have fish dispersed throughout the system this year.