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Fishing has been wintery and reasonable.  Both tactics have proven worthy – both the nymph and the swing.

We have caught fish with big integrated lines and heavy tips while the rivers were low and the fish were holding in the runs. We have also caught fish in transitions buckets when the water was changing and the fish were moving.

Just spent a few days with Mike and Larry from Michigan…. These boys could fish.

Larry and Mike
Larry and Mike

Best color of fly this past week….Pink
Best line……Intermediate Skagit with T-14


Definitely a wintery mix of weather on the Yakima.  Fishing as been average to  good with the Winter Staples as noted in the last report.  Some big trout have been caught lately.  Tis the season for the big boys.

Sculpzilla is a great choice for some streamer action;  Although there are a myriad of other patterns that prove effective.

The Pats stone pictured above is a take-off on the old Girdle Bug.  When I first used this pattern on the Yakima in early 2003 it was AUTOMATIC.  At that time, we kept them ‘behind the counter’.  The pattern has become very popular and it still works.  The difference between it and the Girdle bug are the legs…. The Pat’s stone has very lifelike legs: Not just round rubber legs like the Girdle bug has. Sometimes,  taking a black marker pen to the legs and creating a variegated look can enhance the effectiveness.  Great pattern…But the Yakima is due for a new ‘ Pats Stone ‘ What will be the next hot fly?