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Major delay in reports….time flies.  This is a nuts a bolts report on the three watersheds. Typically my approach, anyways.

Yakima – Pretty good fishing.   Lots of fish lately, 10-15 inches with some bigger ones mixed in.  Cranelfies, October Caddis,   Little Tan Caddis, Cahills… Coming Soon, The Salmon Spawn

Classic Yakima Bow

Klickitat – Beautiful days, Tough fishing overall.   Don’t let anyone tell you different.  Tactics used lately have included Skaters to beads. 5-6 feet of visibility.  Multiple techniques have produced….just not multiple times.  Tip of the day; Utilize the best technique for the water at hand…..

Kate and a Klickitat Steelhead

Upper Columbia – Avg  to Good fishing.  October Caddis, Hoppers, Fall May.  12 feet of visibility

Jim with a sweet UC Rainbow