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Water temps are ranging from 62-69 depending on time and zone on the river.  The closer you are to our main cold water source (Cle Elum Reservoir) the cooler the water will be.  Over the years we have been in this situation many of times,  as Montana has.  It is important to be careful, but this is not a new occurrence.  We should not take it lightly but many are proclaiming that this is a first?  No this has been going on for years..

Reviving fish is important.  Quicker landing time is important…..Common sense is important.

In Montana,  Hoot Owl regs start when there has been three consecutive days of 74 degrees.  The Yakima’s Lower Canyon had 2 days at 71 degrees last week and we are now cooler.

Have fun and fish on.

Best fishes, Jack