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The Yakima recently saw a good bump of water but fished right through it. Prior to the bump, the dry fly fishing was A+. Since the bump, the dry fly fishing has dropped to a B…..Pretty good still.

Predominant bugs include Blue Wings and Skwalas.

The Blue Wings have been strong…..with fish responding accordingly.  In addition, fish rising to Blue Wings will take a well presented Skwala usually.

Recent techniques include…
Dry Dropper –  Skwala adult with a CDC Pheasant Tail or Prince
Dry Fly – Skwala renditions, Adams, Royal Parachute, Sparkle Duns
Bobber(indicator) nymphing -Stonefly nymphs, CDC PT’s, Prince Nymphs
Wet Fly Swing – Partridge and PT and Blue dun soft hackles.

Search with the Dry Dropper
Cast dry flies or wet flies to risers

Lots of this happening recently…….