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The overall cooler weather patterns coming our way are much needed. The upper county shows lows in the low 50’s and highs near 80.  This will help with water temps in the lower river.  Overall, the Yakima fared well during the heat wave.  The Cle Elum river is our saving grace as it is the largest reservoir in acre feet for our system and the water is released from the bottom and injected directly into the Yakima system.   Conversely, both Keechelus and Kachess while bottom fed flow into the Easton reservoir, warming and cooling with the season and spilling over the TOP of Easton reservoir.  This equates to some warm water in the Upper Proper until the Cle Elum river confluence.

Regardless, we are good to go. Water temps this morning 7AM
at  Cle Elum were 57.7
at Ellensburg were 58

Yesterday’s fishing was not as good with the dry…..Many of the fish we saw were on the dropper.  Fishing the dry/dopper was key.  Best dropper of the day – #14 Lightning Bug

Atkins party