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The river experienced an increase in flow and a definite loss of clarity in the lower portions due to BIG RAINS. The river above the Teanaway river confluence (Upper Flatlands) has remained pretty much the same  through the past few days of rain.

The Upper Canyon fished good yesterday even though it saw an increase in flows and loss of clarity.  Our fishing in that particular stretch was predominantly with  dry flies… Including #10-12 Morrish Hoppers, Parachute Ant, Royal PMX and the #12 Sunken epoxy Ant!

We have not been in the Farmlands over the past few days, but will manana! The Lower Canyon has been rough due to a major loss in clarity.  Based on the forecast everything should resume to normal over the next few days…We would however suggest staying out of the Lower Canyon tomorrow.

The above image depicts how light in color the Summer stonefly can be!