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Every day is different and every stretch of the river can deal a different card depending on the day.  Fishing has been great. Catching has been average to great depending on the day and zone

The river below the Teanaway confluence bumped a bit based on the precipitation but over all is still in good condition.  Skwalas, Blue Wings, March Browns for the dry fly.

Caddis are just around the corner….Caddis nymphs have been very productive. In addition, Salmon smolt are going to be seriously on the menu in about a month.

Clarity Chart
5 Feet    Upper Proper
6 Feet    Upper Flatlands
6-4  Feet   Upper Canyon
4-3 Feet    Farmlands
3-2 feet  Lower Canyon

Current Hatches
-> Skwala Stones #8-12
-> Winter Stones #14
-> Blue Wing Olives #16
-> March Browns #12-14

Coming Soon … Mothers Day Caddis, Salmon Flies and Salmon Smolt

#8-12 San Juans
#8-12 Pats Stones
#8-12 Skwala stone nymph renditions
#14-18 Prince nymphs, Lightning Bugs, YB’s
#14-18 CDC Soft hackle PT’s
#4-10 Streamers—Wolley Buggers, Sculpzillas, Sparkle Minnows




This river is very low; Dangerous with a prop if you are not familiar.  Dry flies, streamers, nymphs have all been worthy.  Hatches include Skwalas, Blue Wings and midges.  Gonna be a great season everywhere including this one:))