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The river is lower than normal for this time of year. Currently the flows at Pitt are 668 – usually at 725. While that doesn’t seem like a big difference, it is noticeable on a high gradient river.  It appears that there are not near the amount of salmon as predicted.  The pressure, although heavy, has lightened a bit recently.  The overall weather has been awesome with warmer than normal air temps. 

The swing and nymph have both been producing. Recently have seen a few magical afternoons with the swung fly.  Below are a few pictures of Rick on his second trip with the two hander.  
Honorable mentions lately;
Purple Super Muddler
The Vision Cult 7134
Rage Compact 450
10 feet of T-8


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Continuing to fish good with both the swung fly and nymph.  To catch fish on the swing you must put your time in.  Just because you swing one run without a fish doesn’t mean that the swinging is not good.  Regardless, both dry line and tips have been worthy when fished.  The entire river is fishing….From top to bottom. Lots of pressure on the watershed – The most I have ever seen.

Of course, the egg pattern has been effective for the nymph.


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Unseasonably warm temperatures recently have added to all bug activity….Fishing has been good from Easton to Roza.  Every day is different but the dry fly fishing  has been reasonable at certain times of the day and the adult Crane fly has been this late summer and early fall honorable mention.

Watch for small bugs to be of more importance over the next 3o days as air-temps should drop and fall mayflies become more prevalent.