The Best of Washington Steelhead and Trout Since 1988
Best of Washington Steelhead & Trout Since 1988


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The South OP has been good recently with goooood numbers of hatchery fish and a few wild ones mixed in. A combination of nymphs and swung flies have been productive.

We should see a good number of fish come in with this next water occurrence.  I appears we will see rain from Saturday through Monday and then ‘ light and variable’  for the remainder of the week.

Tip of the week;
1) Recently the hatchery fish have been all about the retrieved fly at the end of the swing.


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The river is coming down off a large bump in flows.  There is quite a bit of ice flow in the Lower Canyon right now.  The water temps and air temps are predicted to warm up quite a bit next week.  The fishing should be great.  Recently the fishing has been OK…The last couple days, ‘kinda tough’. Water temps have been ranging from 32.5 – 33.9. When  air temps & water temps change from really cold like recently for the better as they will at the start of next week, the fish will definitely be ‘happy’.