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Best of Washington Steelhead & Trout Since 1988

Second Annual Klickitat Two Hander Day!

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This free gathering is for those who would like to learn not only how to cast the two hander better and further, but also how to fish it!

11AM – 12PM CHECK IN at Leidl Access on the Klickitat – Directions to Leidl – After crossing the bridge…Leidl campground is on both sides of the highway… Take a left to enter the west side campground and follow the sign down river…

Class topics to most likely include but not limited to…

-> Demystifying the variety of two hand lines
-> Beginner two hand casting 
-> Intermediate/advanced two hand casting
-> Getting more distance
-> Fishing the fly, hooking and fighting fish
-> Single hand spey casting
-> Up against the trees 
-> Combining casts to optimize efficiency
-> Long Belly Casting vs Underhand Casting
-> Overhead Casting with the Two Hander

Schedule of Events

-> 12-4:30 PM free classes and free riverside barbecue
-> 4:30 – 6:30 Open time
-> 6:30 – 8:30 Free Barbecue and Catch Mag viewing at The Steelhead Ranch
-> At Dark at The Steelhead Ranch – A Special Outside and Under the Stars Presentation of and by Catch Magazine.

Product lines represented by Echo, Redington, Sage, Rio, Airflo, Hardy/Greys, Vision and more to come.

Speakers; Brian Chou, Brian Styskal, Eric Neufeld, Ben Dow, Jack Mitchell, Steelie Mike. Jeff Cottrell.


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Robert and Nikolai with a great UC Trout

We are in the middle of the Upper Columbia Drake Hatch.  Everyday is different.  We have seen some great fish lately with some ‘nice ones’ eating the large Mayflies.  Nymphing during the day continues to be a bit unpredictable….However, definitely has produced.  A variety of of typical Caddis and Mayfly nymphs have been productive but

The Kettle river is dropping fast in volume and has fished avg to good based on the day…..Predominant bugs used lately fall into the terrestrial category with a #8 ‘Foam Bug’ winning the contest.  Streamers have been ‘not so good’ lately with the bright sun and heat.

Bailey with a classic Kettle Redside


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Brendon with a Yakima smile

We definitely have our summer flows now on the Yakima.  The fishing has been ‘pretty darn’ good considering the heat.  The big flow doesn’t pose a problem as long as it is reasonably stable.

Bugs of the Week
Hopper Stone - Tan   # 6    Super Chernobyl - Pink # 8
Chernobyl-CFO Ant - Flesh #8

Copper John - Black #12  FB Pheasant Tail # 12-14 
Lightning Bug - Pearl # 12-14 
CDC Pheasant Tail # 12-14

We recommend using nymphs one size bigger than usual because of
the high flows. One of our best dropper nymphs this week has been
a #12 black Copper John simulating a Green Drake or small 
Stonefly nymph.
Hatching this week :
Summer Stones
Yellow Sally's
Hoppers , Ants


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Upper Columbia fishing during the day has been unpredictable and definitely not much dry fly fishing.  The evenings,  while not always predictable, have been pretty darn good recently with the drake hatch….sometimes shorter then we would like, but nonetheless pretty cool.  In addition to the drakes we have Caddis, Yellow Mays and Baetis.

Day time nymph choices can be reasonably eclectic but generally Caddis Pupa, PMD Bubble backs and the like have done the trick when they are in the mood.
Great image below of a Drake from the Upper Columbia recently…
Recent images from the UC
Recent Video from the UC


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TOUGH CONDITIONS  currently on the Klickitat with minimal visibility if any at all.  Prior to the heat wave we manged to have some great fishing.   There are definitely fish throughout the system, both Steelhead and Chinook.  We will keep you posted here in our new blog report format as conditions change.

Some of our favorite fly choices recently are shown below here…

Here are some recent fish catching videos prior to the river going off color….


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The entire river seems
to be fishing good. Or nmbers have been coming from the nymph. The dry fly
fishing has been ‘OK’. Currently the PMD’s, Caddis and Yellow Sallies have been
the main fair for the aqautic bugs and Ants and Beetles for the Terrestrials.

Hoppers and Summer
Stones are just arond the corner…The hopper/dropper combo is a good bet
soon…I know we have displayed this PDF before, but this shows a very
effective way to tie your dropper tag line to the fly….